Time Crunched Training for the Tour of Flanders part 2

Posted: March 25, 2011 by mickflanders in Cycling, Training
 So, the weather has turned and the past two weeks have been relatively warm with no need for mudguards or full warm clothing. Across the country summer bikes are being dusted off and turbo trainer sales are probably in free-fall. Yes, spring may have arrived but for those training for the Tour of Flanders, it’s a bit late as we are now less than two weeks away. But that doesn’t mean we have to stick to indoor riding. In fact getting out at night (even though its still dark) can be great fun and the perfect way to cram in an intense workout as prescribed by anyone on the Time Crunched Training Program.

The pinnacle of any outdoor training must surely be chain gangs. For the uninitiated, these are intense sessions of group riding taking turns on the front keeping the pace high. Or in my case, trying to stay with the group hoping the pace won’t get any higher! In theory, the group selects a pace and then all riders rotate through two lines (a fast line and slow line) with the rider on the front of the fast line pulling across to the front of the slow lane and allowing the rider behind to come past. This continues until you are at the back of the slow lane, where you pull over the to fast lane again and continue back through to the front. Obviously all riders are of different strength so things can get messy with groups splintering on the hills.

This week the Tuesday Dulwich Paragon group was full of serious racers and my aim was to hang on as long as possible rather than help set the pace as I do on the ‘easier’ Wednesday group. I was able to hang on until a about the 18km mark where the route starts a long steady climb but couldn’t stick with the pace. I carried on regardless with the hope of making it a few km before getting dropped next week.

I spent most of the night with a Heart Rate greater than 160 with a solid 5 minutes over 175 while I tried to hang on to the group.  Getting dropped sucks, but hard training is good training.

Spring has sprung, but there was no spring in my step on Wednesday!

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Next cycle blog post from me: Best winter training?  Criterium races!


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